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  • 02:26 Popular DICE stacking MOVES vol.2

    DICE stacking MOVES vol.2

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    My 2nd DICE stacking video, full of nice TRICKS and SKILLS!

  • 00:40 Popular MythBusters - Fun With Gas

    MythBusters - Fun With Gas

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    Adam demonstrates how (and explains why) helium turns you into Donald Duck, and sulfur hexafluoride into Satan.

  • 01:07 Popular Motorcyclist Has Miraculous Escape

    Motorcyclist Has Miraculous Escape

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    In a scene that would make the Marvel webslinger Spiderman jealous, a motorcyclist is flipped on to a car roof during a crash.A motorcyclist in Belarus has had a lucky escape after he collided with the back of a car and was catapulted on to its roof inste

  • 00:09 Popular Cut out flipbook

    Cut out flipbook

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    3d flipbook

  • 01:37 Popular Pack them in!

    Pack them in!

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    Pack them in - Japanese train station

  • 05:58 Popular Water printer in Japan

    Water printer in Japan

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    Japan Water printer prints with water!

  • 01:09 Popular Test Your Awareness: Do The Test

    Test Your Awareness: Do The Test

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    How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and Do the Test! TFL cycling safetly advert! Count the number of passes the White team makes. Do you see the Moonwalking bear?

  • 00:49 Popular Just enjoying life with some terrifying Lions!

    Just enjoying life with some terrifying Lions!

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    This is one of the best experiences of my life! I love animals so much, seeing this made me so happy.

  • 01:52 Popular Amazing Optical Illusions Compilation

    Amazing Optical Illusions Compilation

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    The best parts of some of my featured Illusions. At 1:19 there are 4 shades of blue going from lightest to darkest (left to right). If the transition point between the shades is covered, our eyes and brains can't process the difference between neighboring

  • 03:40 Popular Yow's Trickshot Madness

    Yow's Trickshot Madness

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    Pool trick shots compilation

  • 04:46 Popular Cat House on the Kings

    Cat House on the Kings

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    Introduction to this truly unique no-cage, no-kill cat & dog sanctuary in Parlier, California. The cats get to roam around free on the site's 12 acres, and if they don't get adopted, they get to stay their whole lives.

  • 00:39 Popular Crazy Catch by Ball Girl

    Crazy Catch by Ball Girl

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    Minor league ball girl makes AMAZING catchbut sorry guys this is fake it was made for a commericaland yes the catcher does change glove hands.

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