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  • 04:58 Popular Drawing with both hands

    Drawing with both hands

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    Impressive coordination drawing between both hands

  • 04:14 Popular Lin Yu Chun performing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

    Lin Yu Chun performing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

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    Here is a young man named Lin Yu Chun, competing on a Chinese reality show called Super Star Avenue, performing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. Don’t be fooled by appearances, this guy could be the next Susan Boyle.

  • 02:22 Popular Amazing Secret Monitor

    Amazing Secret Monitor

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    This video shows you how to create a secret LCD monitor. The first time I read that you could do this, I just had to try. Before you attempt this, please note that I've only tried this with an LCD monitor. I don't know if it will work with any other type.

  • 02:06 Popular Cleaning the cobra pit

    Cleaning the cobra pit

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    This guy was just cleaning out the cobra pit. He yanked them out of their napping spots and tossed them aside so he could sweep up their poop, dried skin and eggs!

  • 01:35 Popular Sir Ravi The Juggler

    Sir Ravi The Juggler

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    Sleight of Hand: Ravi solves the rubik's cube while juggling! This guy should be knighted Sir Ravi the juggler.

  • 01:58 Popular Record breaking cocktail genius

    Record breaking cocktail genius

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    Watch it and weep. Chopping, flaring, back-bending cocktail flinging legends. Fire breathing sambuca kings. No one kicks it like the Prestwich Crew!!

  • 01:42 Popular Storm Front Formation In Finland

    Storm Front Formation In Finland

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    Looks like the Apocalypse! Freak Storm Front Formation In Finland.

  • 01:23 Popular Chinese Quick Change Artist

    Chinese Quick Change Artist

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    Watch as a Chinese quick-change artist incredibly shows off different masks and costumes, performing the feats in the blink of an eye. Magicians and illusionists Penn and Teller are about to witness a performance that will impress even them.

  • 03:31 Popular Landscapes: Most Amazing Time Lapse HD Video

    Landscapes: Most Amazing Time Lapse HD Video

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    Landscapes: Most Amazing Time Lapse Video. PLEASE WATCH IN HD FULL SCREEN w/SOUND. It is a much better viewing experience. Hopefully you have a 1080P monitor and good connection. If not, bug a friend or colleague that does. It is worth it.

  • 04:21 Popular Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo

    Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo

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    Impressive Wing suit video. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.

  • 01:52 Popular Perfect airplane landing without gear

    Perfect airplane landing without gear

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    Skilled pilot lands a plane without the landing gear. Watch how he blocks the propellers! Simply amazing!

  • 00:59 Popular Special Boat Service

    Special Boat Service

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    Not comedy this one, but amazing nonetheless. A Special Boat Service (SBS) mission in the middle of the ocean. It's amazing that they managed to land a Chinook helicopter on the choppy seas in the first place, but what happens next is just staggering. Wat

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