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  • 01:24 Popular Frozen Girl - funny joke

    Frozen Girl - funny joke

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    A frozen woman scares people who are getting some ice.

  • 01:26 Popular Human Fishing - crazy joke

    Human Fishing - crazy joke

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    City workers have some fun on their day off by throwing a net on people going under the scaffolding.

  • 01:35 Popular Worker falling down the drain

    Worker falling down the drain

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    In this prank, a worker asks someone to hold onto the chord while he goes down a man hole and then fakes that he fell down. But he's all fine in the end.

  • 02:01 Popular Hidden Camera: Cop wrecks car

    Hidden Camera: Cop wrecks car

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    A police officer stops cars for a quick safety inspection and starts removing parts from the engine!

  • 01:43 Popular Hidden Camera: Bicycle Thief Woman

    Hidden Camera: Bicycle Thief Woman

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    A pretty woman asks for help with her broken bicycle and steals the good samaritan's bike. As usual the police do nothing except wave and blow kisses.

  • 02:05 Popular Wheelchair down the hill - crazy prank

    Wheelchair down the hill - crazy prank

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    A mannequin in a wheelchair is left to roll down the hill for pedestrians to hysterically run after... except for the Paul Martin lookalike.

  • 01:54 Popular Fake Surveyor - funny prank

    Fake Surveyor - funny prank

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    A surveyor guy asks people to hold onto his measuring tool and then gets switched out for a dummy. Now let's see how long they will wait.

  • 02:00 Popular Bicycle Inspection - funny joke

    Bicycle Inspection - funny joke

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    A weird and overzealous cop stops people on bicycles to inspect their bike. Once satisfied, he puzzles them by offering a bouquet a flowers and lets them go. So strange.

  • 01:16 Popular Reverse Chemical spray

    Reverse Chemical spray

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    A worker spraying the grass wets people walking behind him with his seemingly hazardous chemicals.

  • 01:33 Popular Motor Oil Chug Challenge

    Motor Oil Chug Challenge

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    A tired mechanic takes a break and oils his insides with a long sip of motor oil, then threatens to put his bottle of coke in the car.

  • 01:32 Popular Free Hugs - funny prank

    Free Hugs - funny prank

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    A strong woman hugs random guys for free and doesn't want to let go.

  • 01:39 Popular Improvised Football Game - funny video

    Improvised Football Game - funny video

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    Pedestrians are stuck in the middle of an improvised football game. Check out the breakaway and touchdowns!

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