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  • 01:02 Popular What's the time? - crazy prank

    What's the time? - crazy prank

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    An old man needs the time but can neither see nor hear it.

  • 02:05 Popular Wheelchair down the hill - crazy prank

    Wheelchair down the hill - crazy prank

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    A mannequin in a wheelchair is left to roll down the hill for pedestrians to hysterically run after... except for the Paul Martin lookalike.

  • 01:00 Popular Whistling Police Officer

    Whistling Police Officer

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    Unaware of his surroundings, a cop whistles at a criminal on the other side of the street scaring people on his side of the street.

  • 01:18 Popular Window washing surprise

    Window washing surprise

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    People are about to run face first into a glass window but are saved by a window cleaner throwing water on the glass. See the quick succession of fright and relief in these people's faces.

  • 02:47 Popular Wiping Shit On People

    Wiping Shit On People

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    Book Of Ken the original creator of the putting shit on people prank. Today Ken finally gets to Miami and visit the movies and the mall to hand people some Nutella, but I guess they didn't like that very much...

  • 01:31 Popular Woman Breathes Helium And Floats Away

    Woman Breathes Helium And Floats Away

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    Prank victims are asked to keep an eye on a patient at a hospital who is wearing an oxygen mask. The oxygen gas, however, has been mixed with helium and the patient starts to float up from her medical bed and fly away like a balloon! The prank victims des

  • 01:35 Popular Worker falling down the drain

    Worker falling down the drain

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    In this prank, a worker asks someone to hold onto the chord while he goes down a man hole and then fakes that he fell down. But he's all fine in the end.

  • 01:20 Popular Worker Falls In  a Garbage Bin

    Worker Falls In a Garbage Bin

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    Construction worker dummy falls in a garbage bin.

  • 01:01 Popular Worm On Shoulder - Funny Prank

    Worm On Shoulder - Funny Prank

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    Delicately placing a worm on people's shoulders can be quite funny.

  • 01:09 Popular Wrapping Paper Damage

    Wrapping Paper Damage

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    Unsuspecting shoppers encounter a snag at the wrapping station.

  • 01:01 Popular Yellow Rain - crazy joke

    Yellow Rain - crazy joke

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    A construction worker has a little surprise for passersby.

  • 03:03 Popular You Want Beef? (HOOD PRANK)

    You Want Beef? (HOOD PRANK)

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    Alright guys, We duct taped ground beef inside my shirt and went around asking people if they wanted beef. LoL pretty clever huh? I thought of this idea a few months ago and I've been wanting to do it really badly! This is the first video I've ever done i

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