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  • 03:06 Popular Zombie Apocalypse Halloween // SA Wardega Prank

    Zombie Apocalypse Halloween // SA Wardega Prank

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    This extreme zombie apocalypse Halloween prank is absolutely crazy! A Wardega might have come up with the freakiest zombie Halloween prank in this scary video. You have watched and loved his Mutant Giant Spider Dog Prank. Now it's time for his another cra

  • 01:46 Popular Zombie Attack Apocalypse

    Zombie Attack Apocalypse

    Added 3,222 Views / 1 Likes

    Zombie Attack Apocalypse New York City - Best Zombie prank ever!

  • 03:19 Popular Zombie Elevator Prank - The Rising Dead

    Zombie Elevator Prank - The Rising Dead

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    There's no fire but you should still take the stairs! There's a zombie one the loose and he's putting on a scare! Check out this fun zombie elevator prank we pulled off!

  • 01:21 Popular Zombie Hand - Scary Prank

    Zombie Hand - Scary Prank

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    Pedestrians walking in the park spot a twenty dollar bill just sitting there on the ground, ripe for the picking, but when they go reach for it a horrific zombie hand comes out of the earth and grabs it back!

  • 03:05 Popular Zombie pizza - scary prank

    Zombie pizza - scary prank

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    This time we lured people over to get "free pizza" when really I was hiding in the pizza box to pop out and scare them as they opened it! We created a table with a large hole in the middle and stacked up pizza boxes that we also cut holes in so that I cou

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