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  • 01:15 Popular Funny Drunk Cop

    Funny Drunk Cop

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    Cop pulls over drivers and tests their blood alcohol levels. To make sure the breathalyser is working correctly, he gets his young drunk police partner - who stumbles out of the cruiser holding a beer bottle - to test it. The funny young cop then does a l

  • 03:21 Popular Naked Russian Guy - Narcotic frenzy

    Naked Russian Guy - Narcotic frenzy

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    Some naked crazy Russian guy beating up cars and dancing. A parking lot narcotic frenzy.

  • 01:39 Popular Wasted guy at Coachella 2010

    Wasted guy at Coachella 2010

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    If you are going to drink - don't wear flip flops.

  • 02:36 Popular Drunk tilted Room Sketch

    Drunk tilted Room Sketch

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    Shaun Micallef plays a drunk where the studio set is a tilted room. From the first season of the Micallef Show on the ABC.

  • 05:21 Popular Drunk Girl Fail Compilation

    Drunk Girl Fail Compilation

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    Drunk Girl Fail Compilation

  • 00:10 Popular Guy falls through bar

    Guy falls through bar

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    This is a honest mistake, poor guy... this will teach him about looking before he leap. You can watch this clip a thousand times and still laugh each time.

  • 00:13 Popular How to instantly fail a drunk driving test

    How to instantly fail a drunk driving test

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    How to instantly fail a drunk driving test - the old man just trolled the police

  • 02:38 Popular Drunk Mortal Kombat (HD)

    Drunk Mortal Kombat (HD)

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    Two drunken villagers kung-fu fighting. The funniest "FATALITY" ever performed!

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